G4-58 The internal and external mechanisms for reporting concerns about unethical or unlawful behavior, and matters related to organizational integrity Our Human Resource Manager, who is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management, manages our internal and external systems for report- ing concerns of unethical behavior. Our Employee handbooks include company policies covering; ethical and lawful behaviors, hiring, harassment, complaints, discipline, organizational chart, corrective actions, etc. The Employee handbook is reviewed by an external legal firm experienced in Agriculture and Agriculture labor laws and ethics prior to distribution to employees. Complaint forms (in both English and Spanish are available in the main office foyer, as well as through all division managers during business hours, or may be sent electronically via email 24/7. Complaints are confidential and may be submitted anonymously. Employees are trained annually (at a minimum) on all company policies covered in our Employee Handbook, and on our GP-Complaint Policy (in both English and Spanish) annually, at a minimum. Division managers also hold numerous meetings and trainings on a weekly/monthly basis with employees. Employees are encouraged to provide feedback, and that feedback is documented. Complaints are also trended and reported to management on an annual basis. Corrective Action is taken, if necessary. PAGE 59 ROY FARMS GRI STANDARD DISCLOSURES