We introduced Harvest Fresh Pellets® in 2007. Harvest Fresh Pellets® are processed from whole cone hops to pellets in 36 to 48 hours. Hops are dried in shallow beds at a range of 125° F to 130° F. Once cooled, they are taken directly to one of our on-site pelleting facilities, bypassing the baling process entirely. There, hops are compressed into pellets, packaged in Mylar-alumi- num bags, and flushed with nitrogen (to avoid oxidization). Our process avoids long delays and exposure to the air that can cause oxidation. By skipping the baling process, we eliminate the energy and waste used to create, transport, and store hop bales that will ultimately be pelleted. Harvest Fresh Pellets® preserve the natural characteristics to maintain the vine-fresh quality in an efficient, easily storable package. HARVEST FRESH PELLETS® THE FARM