We continue to increase our engagement and communication with all employees. While we didn’t accomplish our goal of establishing a steady internal newsletter in 2016, we are planning to roll one out in 2017 to help open up a transparent and direct line of communication with every employee. EXPAND DATA COLLECTION BY DEVELOPING MORE INTERNAL MEASURE- MENT SYSTEMS AND PRACTICE INCREASE EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT, UNDERSTANDING OF COMPANY CULTURE, AND ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF EMPLOYEE ACHIEVEMENTS INCREASE IMPLEMENTATION OF IRRIGATION SYSTEM MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY DECREASE OUR OVERALL POWER CONSUMPTION In 2016, we began developing company- wide KPI’s, as well as departmental KPI’s. We will continue to increase our internal data collection and metrics. Through increased efficiency during harvest, we achieved our goal of reducing our overall power consumption by 6%. In 2017, we will stay committed to this goal by introducing LED lights into our CA rooms and researching other oppor- tunities for renewable and efficient energy usage. We moved closer to our goal of increasing irrigation efficiency by expanding system management technology coverage and constructing new ponds. We will push forward with this goal in 2017. SEEKING SALMON-SAFE CERTIFICATION IN OUR BLUEBERRIES IN 2017 TRANSITIONING SELECT APPLE VARIETIES TO ORGANIC FOR CERTIFICATION BEGINNING IN 2019 ON-GOING & FUTURE GOALS 2017 – 2020 PAGE 52