We conducted an employee survey regarding overall job satisfaction, supervision, wages, benefits, and working conditions. By installing solar panels on our pelleting facilities, we were able to net-zero our Harvest Fresh PelletsĀ® and now offer 100% solar-powered pellets. BUILT NEW STATE- OF-THE ART HOP HARVEST PICKING MACHINE AT OUR TOPPENISH LAND LOCATION ESTABLISHED A BASELINE FOR EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION RECEIVED BUILT GREEN CERTIFICATION FOR OUR REMODELED DESSERAULT- FIELD OPERATIONS OFFICE INSTALLED SOLAR PANELS AT OUR MAIN PELLETING FACILITY AND OUR DESSERAULT PELLETING FACILITY We increased our cleaning capacity by 600% at our Toppenish Land location, and 17% overall. Our Desserault office became the first certified Built GreenĀ® building for commercial-use in the Yakima Valley. GOALS ACCOMPLISHED IN 2016 PAGE 51