FY ‘16 PERFORMANCE DATA ORGANIZATION INFORMATION SCALE OF ORGANIZATION Total number of employees 323 (average) Total number of operations Roy Farms have facilities in Moxee and Toppenish, WA, which include offices, four hop produc- tion facilities (172,752 sqft combined), two hop pelleting facilities (22,800 sqft combined), 48 controlled atmosphere rooms (each have a capacity to hold 650 - 2500 bins), 2 cold rooms (48,820 sqft combined), 4 freezer rooms (78,817 sqft combined), 3 dry goods storage rooms (139,000 sqft), as well as hydro-cooling and drenching facilities. Quantity of products or services provided 4.6 million lbs hops; 2.4 million lbs blueberries; 2.3 million lbs cherries, and 8.0 million lbs of apples EMPLOYEES Peak total number of employees 570 Average number of employees 323 Total male employees 434 Total female employees 136 Total full-time employees 223 Peak temporary employees 1,053 Ratio of entry-level wage to minimum wage 12:11 Percentage of senior management from local community 100% ABOUT OUR REPORT This report represents our second public sustainability report. The content of this report reflects operations associated with the production of hops, blueberries, apples and cherries from our fiscal year 2016; October 1, 2015 through September 31, 2016. The scope of this report is the internal operations of Roy Farms. MATERIALITY Issues identified as important to our stakeholders were considered in our process for determining report content. We continue to utilize the results of our most recent stakeholder engagement to define and select material aspects to focus our efforts as well as guide our communications internally and externally. ROY FARMS GRI STANDARD DISCLOSURES PAGE 53