- quality and safety standards - When it comes to our process, quality and safety are among our highest priorities. This applies to both our products and our work environment. By instituting internal food quality and safety programs, we can ensure our customers are receiving a premium, safe product. Standards and procedures are communicated to employees through training and continued engagement. To verify our efforts, we document our process at every stage, offering trace- ability and transparency to our customers. One strategy we use is Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). HACCP
 works to analyze and control all risks—biological, chemical or physical—through growing practices to shipment. Our dedicated HACCP team reviews all processes, identifies control points, and develops plans to reduce risks and keep quality high. Reviews are conducted annually or when a process step changes. Our HACCP plans are audited and certified annually. We adhere to additional safety standards when it comes to our employees, including those laid out by OSHA, L&I, and the WSDA Our full time safety department, which works intimately with our employees, monitors all safety programs. - accountability - A large part of our process is accountability. Along with internal reviews of our processes, we participate in several third-party audits. To confirm that we are meeting the highest standards of safety, quality, and conservation, we invite third party organizations to come in and examine our process from planting to harvest and processing to storage. As a result of these audits, we have received several certifications. PAGE 28