Our employees are our top priority. We value their health, safety and happiness and strive to encourage their growth—both personal and professional. That is why we seek to empower them through: education and training, engagement and opportunity, and a safe, healthy work environment. - health, safety, & welfare - We believe all employees have the right to a safe, healthy work environment. Providing a safe work environment is achieved through the most basic tool: communication. By implementing safety policies and procedures through consistent training, employees are not only made aware of safety measures but also given the opportunity to dialogue. Employees are encouraged to ask questions and provide suggestions. We want to ensure employees understand why were doing things, not just how. Being safe also means being comfortable, we urge employees utilize platforms such as trainings, meetings, and “take- fives”, as well as one-on-one meetings to express concerns, dissatisfaction, or appreciation. In addition to face-to-face communication, safety information is posted indoors and outdoors across the property, communicated in our hand- book, and even sent out via SnapChat. TRAINING HOURS: 2,931 TOTAL ACCIDENTS: 39 time-loss accidents: 4 restrictions/light duty: 13 medical exam only: 22 LIGHT DUTY HOURS: 5,677.39 HOURS THE PEOPLE EMPLOYEE DATA