employee profile - samantha ozuna - Samantha, or “Sam”, has been with Roy Farms for over five years now. If you are a customer of Roy Farms, you probably recognize her warm, friendly voice over the phone. Though her job title is Customer Service Supervisor, she is also our Ambassador of Friendliness, our first-line of response, our Reconciliation Specialist, our Overseer of Orders. Her dedication and organization skills are commendable to say the least. In a single day, she balances invoicing, payments, inventory, record keeping, customer requests and inquiries, scheduling and filling customer orders—all with a smile. Sam is an integral part of our team. Every hop bale or pellet that leaves Roy Farms, goes through Sam at some point. Jim Boyd, Sr. Vice President of Hop Sales, says, “Quality products and quality service are the driving points of our Customer Service Group. The emphasis on the customer experience is part of our culture and Samantha is the driving force behind that mindset. Both thoughtful and thorough Samantha not only makes a positive impact on our customers, but also those around her.” After working hard all day, she enjoys spending time with her family to recharge her batteries. Everyone who knows her know that her world revolves around her family. A dedicated family person, it is no surprise that what Sam loves about Roy Farms is that they “treat everyone as family not employees”. She enjoys treating our customers with the same dedication and care, “making sure customers feel valued and are taken care of”. Sam is a valued employee and an integral part of maintaining our quality customer service. “ TREAT EVERYONE AS FAMILY not employees ” THE PEOPLE