Roy Farms blueberries are sourced from a single nursery, which uses high quality tissue culture to cultivate rootstock. During the growing process, we use a proactive approach. We select varieties that will thrive in our environ- ment. We focus on nurturing the plants’ natural resistance and promoting soil health to create strong, healthy plants. To reduce weed pressure, blueberries are planted in raised beds covered in weed mat. Water and nutrients are delivered through an advanced proprietary irrigation system. Nutrient levels are monitored throughout the season. Our growing practices are designed to ensure quality, consistency, and conservation by reducing pest pressure, increase nutrient levels, and creating naturally resilient plants. We partnered with consultants from South America to help us advance our growing practices and maximize quality. As a team, we work with our consul- tants to enhance precision within our irrigation and fertigation processes. Roy Farms blueberries are harvested mechanically. Using harvesters, blue- berries are gently shaken from the bushes at night, when temperatures are cooler, to minimize damage to the delicate fruit. When selecting a market for our blueberries, we explore opportunities in markets for fresh and processed blueberries. BLUEBERRIES THE FARM