COMPLIANCE Incidents of non-compliance with regulations resulting in a fine or penalty 0% Incidents of non-compliance with regulations resulting in a warning 0% Incidents of non-compliance with voluntary codes Less than 5% PROCUREMENT Percent of suppliers screened using environmental, labor and social criteria 80% ENERGY CONSUMPTION Renewable Energy – Solar 1,935 kWh NON-RENEWABLE FUEL Diesel 121,820.56 gal Gasoline 64,857.71 gal Propane 140,372.80 gal ELECTRICITY, HEATING & COOLING Electricity 12,811,738 kWh Heating & cooling (natural gas) 698,643 therms Total energy consumption 156,632,352,335,000 joules Energy intensity 9,025,221joules per pound of product WATER CONSUMPTION Water allocated 3.9 billion gal Water used 3.2 billion gal All energy, waste and irrigation data has been compiled from utilities and represents all crop divisions, unlike our previous report which only included hops / Water allocated includes water from irrigation districts and does not include irrigation wells / Water use / Geographic definition of local is within 100 miles of our head- quarters in Moxee, WA / Definition of significant location of operations is Moxee, WA ROY FARMS GRI STANDARD DISCLOSURES PAGE 55