This project was completed using an in-house construction crew with the valuable leadership of Systems West LLC. By using an in-house crew on larger construction projects like this one, we allow our employees to showcase their skills as well as learn new ones. TOPPENISH PICKING FACILITY In 2016, Roy Farms built a new hop picking facility at our Toppenish location. This state-of-the-art picking facility combines the classic technology of the original Perrault Harvester with modern food safety and quality control standards. Our new facility boasts 22,000 square feet, including an internal two-story office space with a quality control observation deck. Food-grade materials, reduced horizontal surfaces, and strategically placed floor drains make equipment, walls, and ceilings easy to clean and keep us in compliance with food processing standards. With the addition of this facility, WE ACCOMPLISHED OUR GOAL OF INCREASING OUR PICKING MACHINE CLEANING CAPACITY IN TOPPENISH BY 600%. Cleaning capacity refers to the machine’s ability to sort hop cones from sticks, stems, and leaves in order to provide our customers with a pure product. PAGE 16