employee profile - ruben delgado - Ruben Delgado has never worked for another company—and he likes that. Like many others, he is a dedicated Roy Farms employee. Over the years, his hard work, dedication, and ability have paid off. In 2004, he started at Roy Farms checking moisture levels in hop bales during harvest. Now, he manages the shop at our Toppenish Land location. Ruben oversees the maintenance and repair of our field equipment, tractors, hop trucks in Toppenish. He is an essential part in making sure that we can do our job—farm! Managing the Toppenish shop is more than just fixing equipment. It requires the ability to prioritize, prepare, and communicate with other departments at Roy Farms. Ruben’s ability to stay organized and evaluate farm needs has allowed him to excel in these areas. This also helps him to minimize down- time and keep projects on schedule. Ted Deccio, who oversees all Roy Farms’ shops, could not be happier with Ruben’s performance this year. Deccio says, “He’s just been super. Easy-to-work with.” The shop is always busy. There is always something to fix, modify, or rebuild. Working in a busy, demanding environment, it isn’t surprising that someone who thrives in this environment would seek out adrenaline elsewhere too. Outside of work, Ruben is a fan of snowboarding, four-wheeling, and riding motorcycles. Ruben also plays a role in our sustainability program at Roy Farms. He and other shop employees are always looking for ways that the shop can recycle or re-purpose old equipment or parts to make something new again. Additionally, he understands that part of his job is to “make our equipment safe for all of the people who are using it”—and that is important to him. “ MAKE OUR EQUIPMENT SAFE for all of the people who are using it ” PAGE 46