In 2016, Roy Farms grew over 15 different varieties of hops, including: alpha, aroma, super alpha, and dual-purpose varieties. At Roy Farms, all hops begin their journey with true-to-type, virus-free rootstock. With over 3,000 acres in the Yakima Valley, each field location is chosen according to micro climate, soil type, trellis structure, and area size. Every hop field is cultivated with custom fertilizer applications, proprietary irrigation technology, and prudent- pest control. Our carefully configured growing process allows us to produce consistent, quality hops. At harvest, picked hops are taken to one of our four hop picking facilities. Once hops are picked, dried, and cooled, they are either transported directly to one of our on-site pellet facilities or baled. Facility performance is evaluated regularly. A team of quality control (QC) personnel monitors processing to ensure equipment is working properly to yield a clean, safe, and quality product. We are proud to say our hops are also grown ethically. In combination with internal standards, programs like Salmon-Safe and GlobalG.A.P. help us guarantee our growing practices are safeā€”safe for the environment, the employees, and the customer. External programs, not only hold us to a higher standard of accountability, they also provide us with the tools and information to achieve our goals. HOPS THE FARM