JUNIOR LEADERSHIP TEAM Several years ago, we formed a Strategic Leadership Team (SLT). This is a collaborative team that aids in creating and implementing company strategic initiatives and action items, showcasing perspectives from all different divisions company-wide. In 2016, we formed a new team: Junior Leadership Team (JLT). This team is comprised of INDIVIDUALS WHO WE RECOGNIZE AS SHOWING GREAT POTENTIAL FOR GROWTH, LEADERSHIP SKILLS, AND EXCELLING WITHIN THEIR CURRENT ROLE. Team members include representatives from our sales, processing, irrigation, safety, field operations, and food safety and sustainability departments. Being a JLT member will provide individuals with the opportunity to hone their leadership skills, advance problem solving abilities, improve teamwork processes, and learn more about the company from a holistic point of view. These individuals will receive training, engage in dialogue and take on company projects, as well as assist the SLT in implementing company strategies. Nancy Rodriguez, Human Safety Manager Megan Twomey, ADHA Brand Coordinator Kyle Charvet, Processing Coordinator Curtis Roy, Fruit Field Foreman Maria Delgado, Food Safety Coordinator German Gutierrez, Automated Irrigation Coordinator Andy Roy, Accounts & Contracts Manager, Hop Sales (pictured left to right) PAGE 44