GLOBALG.A.P. A Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certification that covers the entire crop from planting to harvesting, all the way through storage. This certification reduces food safety risks and promotes worker health, safety, and welfare, conservation of natural resources, and product traceability to ensure that you receive a safe, ethical product. PRODUCTS CERTIFIED: APPLES, BLUEBERRIES, CHERRIES, HOPS SALMON-SAFE A nationally recognized eco-label that seeks to reduce the risks associated with the natural salmon habitat, as related to farming practices. This certification focuses on high-risk pesticides, fertilizers, and irrigation practices and their impacts on soil structure, aquatic habitat, and biodiversity so that you can be sure you are purchasing an ecologically sound product. PRODUCTS CERTIFIED: HOPS* * first hop grower in washington state to be salmon-safe certified in conventional and organic hops. CERTIFICATIONS THE PRACTICE