stewardship recipient - la salle high school - La Salle High School is a Catholic college preparatory high school in Yakima, WA. The school provides students in the valley with a unique curricular and extra-curricular experience focused on core values including: faith, stewardship, inclusivity, and community building. La Salle aims to produce positive, focused, socially aware students in a Lasallian educational environment. Every year Roy Farms sponsors a student, covering their tuition and fees with the Roy Farms Scholarship Fund. Last year, our scholarship recipient was Brizeyda Robledo. Brizeyda was a freshman at La Salle High School in 2016. 2016 SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT Brizeyda Robledo came to La Salle High School from a local public school in Yakima, WA. The Robledo family was sincerely grateful for the contribution Roy Farms made to allow Brizeyda to attend La Salle. According to La Salle faculty, the Robledos value the safe campus and extraordinary learning environment, but were facing financial challenges. This was Brizeyda’s first time attending a private school. Though not a self-proclaimed “crier”, she will admit that she cried when she learned that she was accepted into the program. The transition from public school to the high academic standards at La Salle provided quite a challenge at first. However, by the end of the year, Brizeyda was excelling. She currently holds a 3.86 GPA and is involved in the Photography Club, with plans to play softball in the spring. PAGE 48