USDA ORGANIC This certification ensures that no synthetic chemicals or fertilizers were used on your products and reinforces efforts to maintain the natural environment so that you can receive a natural, organic product. PRODUCTS CERTIFIED: BLUEBERRIES, SELECT HOP VARIETIES SAFE QUALITY FOOD (SQF) A Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certification that is designed to manage food safety risks and to provide safe products, as related to processing. This certification focuses on the strictest food safety management and food defense programs in our processing facilities to safeguard the quality and content of the product that you are purchasing. PRODUCTS CERTIFIED: HOP PELLETS** OK KOSHER The leading kosher certification. This certification signifies a compliance with the laws of Kashrut, including standards of cleanliness, purity, and quality; as related to processing. PRODUCTS CERTIFIED: HOP PELLETS, GREEN HOPS, WHOLE CONE HOPS ** our pelleting facilities became the first SQF globally certified hop processing facilities in 2015. PAGE 30