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Narciso Gutierrez has worked for Roy Farms longer than anyone else even longer than our president Leslie Roy The Gutierrez family has been with our farm for three generations and Narciso himself has dedicated an incredible 51 years and counting. Narciso grew up in Mexico but his father was a U.S. citizen and worked at Roy Farms. In 1961 Narcisos father helped his family move to be with him in the U.S. and a few years later Narciso joined his father at Roy Farms. It was at Roy Farms that Narciso says he learned everything he knows. Lester Roy who was president at the time took Narciso under his wing and taught him all about hops. Narciso remains one of the few people perhaps in the world who can look at a hop field and immediately identify the variety. In his 51 years Narciso has worked in a variety of roles from irrigation to making bales to working as a foreman and now as a field manager. Hes seen vast changes in the farm from their first Ford diesel tractor in 1964 to drip irrigation in the 1980s to high-tech water tracking systems today. Narciso learned more than how to farm when he started out at Roy Farms. Dan Holman a foreman at the time taught him English. When Narciso thinks back on his time at Roy Farms its moments like those when employees came together to help one another which matter most to him. Narcisos skills knowledge and passion are invaluable to Roy Farms and we are continually grateful to have him as part of our tribe. Narciso matters greatly to Roy Farms. Hes the cornerstone in our foundation says Food Safety and Sustainability manager Carman McKinney. When asked what has kept him at Roy Farms for so long his answer is simple We are a family. PAGE 64