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Roy Farms
Roy Farms
Roy Farms
The story of Roy Farms is one that has stood the test of time. For 112 hop harvests to be exact. Our story continues to evolve, but the backbone of our farm — our people — purposely stays the same. At Roy Farms, people make our hops extraordinary.

At Roy Farms, we believe in unearthing potential. For generations it has always started with our people and their ability to innovate. Our hops team has intentionally adapted to changes in the industry by breeding new hops varieties and adjusting growing practices to increase production and consistency without compromise. By investing in the right people to implement advanced irrigation technology and regenerative growing practices, we maximize the quality, flavor and aroma that our customers demand year after year.

Our hops are direct from one source — Roy Farms. We grow, pick, process, pelletize and package our hops to fit your needs, guaranteeing they are kept to the highest standards of quality and traceability every step of the way. Every Roy Farms lot is GLOBALG.A.P., Salmon-Safe and Kosher certified. Harvest Fresh Pellets® are Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified. And as the pioneer of this process we are committed to innovative new ways to enhance the quality of our pellets every year.

We will continue to provide full transparency at the farm to help inspire, teach and grow our talented team. In return, we enable fresh hops ideas, new farming practices and innovative solutions, like our Harvest Fresh Pellets®. Most importantly, we create a meaningful culture to help individuals thrive and deliver the freshest hops in the world.

Roy Farms
Roy Farms
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Roy Farms
Roy Farms

Harvest Fresh Pellets® —FROM VINE TO PALLET WITHIN 48 HOURS.

Our hops team saw a huge market potential. It was ripe for the picking, and we were the first to make it happen. In 2007, we introduced our Harvest Fresh Pellets® brand. Harvest Fresh Pellets® are converted from vine-fresh to packed pellet within 36 to 48 hours. Dried whole cones are pelletized, bypassing the baling process entirely. Our process avoids long delays and exposure to the air during storage that can cause oxidation. Harvest Fresh Pellets preserve natural characteristics to maintain vine-fresh quality in an efficient, easily storable package.

First, picked hops are carefully heat-dried in shallow beds at 125° F. Once they cool, hops are pelleted and packed into vacuum-sealed Mylar foil bags. Prior to sealing, our bags are flushed with nitrogen to provide an oxygen-free environment to preserve the harvest-fresh aroma. Sealed bags are packed into standard industry boxes and ready for storage. Picked, pelleted and packaged within 48 hours for unparalleled freshness — every time you open a bag.

We grow several different hops varieties, ranging from high-demand proprietary varieties and hot new experimentals to an array of organic varieties. Our selection includes alpha, aroma, super alpha and dual-purpose varieties. Each variety is offered whole cone or pelleted.


Roy Farms
Roy Farms


Fresh thinking produces innovative ideas. In 2016, we incorporated two large solar panel arrays to provide our customers with 100% solar-powered pellets. The system is expected to produce an average of 257,855 kWh per year, more than enough to “net-zero” or offset 100% of the energy consumed during the power-hungry pelleting process. Innovations like this help drive growth and change the landscape of agriculture.


Roy Farms

Roy Farms also packs and ships directly to domestic and international merchants. Staying connected and building strong relationships with our customers allows us to stay up to date with changing demands and shifting standards. Our team members and their expertise help us stay ahead of an ever-changing curve.

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