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Sustainability is the soul of our brand.

Roy Farms

An unwavering commitment to our employees,
land and community.

Customers and suppliers demand sustainable products from ethical companies. At Roy Farms, we’ve been sustainable since we arrived in the Yakima Valley in 1907. We’ve applied sustainability practices to all areas of our business, and we encourage our partners to do the same. As a result, our crops are grown mindfully. Our employees are cared for like family. And our communities are supported to maintain a healthy place to live. Sustainability is not a marketing buzzword. It is our way of life so we can farm the land we love for another 100 years. For more information, please see our annual Sustainability Report below.

Roy Farms

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We’re unearthing potential in agriculture to elevate human vitality now and for generations.

Roy Farms

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Sustainable since day one.

Human and Food Safety

Community and Environmental Stewardship

Employee Empowerment, Innovation, and Creativity

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Roy Farms

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