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Roy Farms Stewardships!

Roy Farms
August 14, 2013

Categories: Stewardship

Roy Farms, Inc. Stewardship Committee feels that these charities are in alignment with our mission/vision, business ethics and conduct policy, and our sustainability program…

ALLIED ARTS OF YAKIMA VALLEY: “Because of Roy Farm’s initial investment, Allied Arts is now able to bring “Science, sun & Fun!” this summer, via the ArtsVan program, to literally thousands of children in over a dozen venues from Toppenish to Tieton, Washington. In addition, Roy Farm’s Stewardship funding gave other funders the confidence to invest in Allied Arts mission, to bring the arts to all people of the valley. Roy Farm’s confidence in Allied Arts is what other under writers & benefactors needed to see, to trust that their funding could also be a crucial part of helping our ArtsVan team serve a critical and at risk demographic here in our valley.”

VOICES FOR CHILDREN FOUNDATION: “Thanks to the support you and others provide, we were able help a ten year old boy, “Jeremy,” who throughout more than eight foster care placements never had his own bicycle. He is a serious BMX fan and dreamed of having his own bike. We recruited a local teenaged fellow BMX enthusiast to help research and locate the perfect bike for him. When the teen arrive to deliver the bike, this normally shy and withdrawn boy was absolutely ecstatic. He wore a smile a mile wide as he the teen showed him a few new tricks on his awesome new BMX bike. This is just one of many wishes and needs your support helped to accomplish so far this year.”

YAKIMA GREENWAY FOUNDATION: “I am pleased to pass on to you a report of what we have been doing with the generous gift from your committee… As you know, we split the proceeds equally between our Kiddin’ Around Program and our Naches Trail construction project… I am very pleased to report that both projects are making huge impacts on our local community.”
LA SALLE HIGH SCHOOL: “With the help of Roy Farms Stewardship Awards, La Salle High School is able to live the Lasallion mission in the Yakima Valley. Through our Sponsor a Student Program you have generously provided the tuition assistance to a deserving student, who otherwise would not have been able to receive a quality Catholic, college preparatory education in the Lasallion tradition.”

“Roy Farms, Inc. Stewardship program will consistently provide premier service to the mentors and volunteers of our community who enrich the lives of our future generations through education, promoting a better life, and environmental stewardship.”

Roy Farms