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Press Release for Salmon-Safe Certification!

Roy Farms
January 18, 2013

Categories: Hops

“Century Old Farm Continues To Set Sustainability Standards”

Roy Farms, Inc. is pleased to announce that we are the first organic hop farm in Washington State to receive Salmon-Safe certification. Salmon-Safe has become one of the nation’s leading regional eco labels with more than 60,000 acres of farm and urban lands certified in Oregon, Washington, California and British Columbia.

Approximately 150 acres of organic hops underwent a rigorous study conducted by Agroecology Northwest. They report “Roy Farms is an outstanding candidate for Salmon-Safe certification in it’s organic acreage, meeting our required conditions related to integrated pest management, water management, and water quality protection.”

Roy Farms, Inc. maintains sustainable farming practices, which include; preserving and improving soil health, protecting water quality, and reducing the impact on wildlife in our fields. We are aware and concerned with the importance of nurturing an environment that enhances wildlife. Using lower impact pesticides in an integrated pest management program allows diverse predators to survive. Windbreaks and natural vegetation on the boarders and headlands provide habitat for many other types of wildlife and beneficial insects, which form the basis for a complex biosphere on the farm.

It is an honor to receive Salmon-Safe certification of our organic hops. We raise our pints in celebration.


Roy Farms