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The Moxee Dirt Diaries

Professional Bird Abatement…

Roy Farms
August 17, 2012

Categories: Blueberries, Cherries

During the months Roy Farms fruit begins to ripen, Vahe’ Alaverdian, owner of Falcon Force LLC. Professional Bird Abatement Services ( is hired to fly his raptors throughout our fruit crops and deter the nuisance birds from wanting to feed on the fruit (for example, starlings & sparrows). Falcon Force uses natural predator/prey relationship to discourage birds from feeding on fruit by instilling fear that they may be attacked by a much more powerful bird. This is much more effective than the screamers, booms, cannons and streamer flags used by many orchards and vineyards. Each raptor flies 2-6 times per day and Vahe’ uses a lure made of a tennis ball, a pigeon wing, and a length of cord that allows him to make the lure fly fast enough to be hunted by a Peregrine!

The 2 year old male peregrine falcon, Shaman, who he is flying in this picture is equipped with a radio telemetry tracking device on his back.

Roy Farms