Warehouse Facilities at Roy Farms

Our Storage Department has grown quite a bit since we first started our custom business back in 1986 with 5 controlled atmosphere (C.A.) rooms. The key to our growth here is our emphasis on premium customer service with convenience and transparency as hallmarks. Here is what we offer now, though do not hesitate to let us know if you have needs not currently listed—we may be working on it already.


We will drench apples for you according to your desired specifications with agents labeled for this purpose. (Scholar, Penbotec, Mertect or DPA)

  • We track the bins dipped with each drench “recipe” both by lot number and total bin count.
  • If going to our storage, you will know the number of bins per assigned CA room.
  • You can have internet access (via secure username and password) to observe product as it comes in by truckload in real-time.
  • Daily reports are available upon request.

Controlled Atmosphere (C.A.) Rooms

As of December 2011 we have 48 rooms available ranging in capacity from 650 to 2,500 bins. (Once emptied they can, and often do, supplement our Regular Storage room capacity.) In addition to performing storage services we can provide all the documentation you might require for export approvals for apples to Mexico (40- & 90-day) or Canada (42-day).

On any individual room, we also provide:

  • Access to computer monitors of each room. You can do this from any computer, iPhone and/or iPad.
  • Custom setpoints to your specific requirements for Oxygen (O2) , Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and temperature.
  • At your request, we can provide graphs of each of these target and measured storage points over time as well as summary reports as desired.

Cold Rooms

We have two cold rooms on the property with over an acre of floor space (48,820 square feet combined). Temperature set points can be maintained from 32o to 55oF as desired.

Freezer Rooms

  • A total capacity of 78,817 square feet of storage.
  • Multiple compressors (a total of 675 horsepower) to keep product at very low temperatures of -10o to -17oF using computer-controlled setpoints though we can re-purpose rooms to higher temperatures as required.
  • Some rooms are equipped with racking systems to accommodate customers with volumes of palleted and/or boxed goods.

Dry Storage

We have a total of 139,000 square feet of capacity dedicated to dry storage and the facilities are secure to respect the integrity of all customers’ products.

  • An emergency sprinkler system with 24/7 monitoring by an independent contractor for fire emergencies.
  • State-of-the-art surveillance cameras with night-vision optics and constant recording.
  • Facility access is only by use of code or a security card.

Vision Statement

To consistently improve agriculture for the good of all stakeholders, without compromise

Guiding Principles

  • Human and Food Safety
  • Community and Environmental Stewardship
  • Employee Empowerment, Innovation and Creativity

Through premium products, services and a great work environment