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Happy Veterans Day
November 11, 2016
Roy Farms' Fall Favorites
October 27, 2016

Baking season is upon us! We’d like to share our recipe for a classic favorite. We like to make it with local ingredients including Roy Farms' Honey Crisp Apples and Cougar Gold® Cheese. Warm up those chilly trick-or-treaters with a bite of Gabby’s Apple Crumble!

Gabby’s Apple Crumble

4 Large Honey Crisp Apples, Sliced Thin
1/4 Cup Turbinado Raw Cane Sugar
2 Tsp Cinnamon
2 Tbls Water
1 Cup Spelt Flour
1/4 Cup Oats
1/4 Cup Turbinado Raw Cane Sugar
1/2 tsp Salt
1/2 Cup Cheddar Cheese, Shredded
1/2 Cup Salted Butter, Melted
Start by tossing sliced apples, sugar, cinnamon & water in a large bowl until evenly coated. Arrange the apples in a buttered 9x9 glass baking dish. Combine flour, oats, sugar, salt, cheese & butter in a bow; mix thoroughly. Layer evenly over apples. Do not pack down. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes & let cool for at least 15 min. Cool longer for a crispier crust. Best served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream & a few festive sprinkles for the kids.
Baking Guru: Elizabeth Roy
National “Make-A-Difference” Day
October 21, 2016

Get out & volunteer this Saturday for National “Make-A-Difference Day”, one of the largest, single service days, nation-wide. Can’t swing it this Saturday? Good news: There are 364 other days this year that you could choose to volunteer! Pick your favorite charity or non-profit in your community and make a difference!

Apple Fact #2
October 13, 2016

Did you know that tossing an apple to a woman could be considered a marriage proposal? Throughout history, apples have taken on many symbols in folklore, from temptation to health to love. In Ancient Greece, an apple was considered a token of love and such a public display of gifting was akin to asking a woman to marry you. If she caught the apple, the proposal was accepted. This tradition stems from the story of Eris in Greek Mythology, who tossed a golden apple inscribed, “To the Most Beautiful” into a crowd of vain goddesses at a divine wedding—And you thought fighting over the bouquet got vicious!

October 12, 2016

Great article featuring our one and only, Mr. Jim Boyd. (Hint: If you read the entire article, you'll not only learn a little bit about Yakima and a little bit about'll encounter an opportunity to buy a once in a lifetime t-shirt at the end.) Thanks, Rooted Yakima Valley!

National Apple Month
October 4, 2016
Blinded By the Light
September 16, 2016

While we can’t clear up Bruce Springsteen’s lyrics for you(—but really what DOES he say after that?), we can shine some light on those shiny foil strips that you see lining the rows of apple orchards these days. At Roy Farms, we use reflective foil to ensure the light bounces up and “colors” the bottom of the apple, for a full 360 degree rosy hue that we know you love! (Photo: Roy Farm’s Jazz™ apples coloring up.)
Most Misheard Song Lyrics on Spotify

Apple Fact #1
August 25, 2016

Did you know apples help keep you awake? The slow release of vitamins and natural glucose can help keep you more alert during that afternoon lull or morning wake up. Ditch the fancy energy drink and grab a crunchy apple instead! For more information, check out this great article that we found:

Apple Harvest is Upon Us
August 16, 2016

With all the Summer sun, apple harvest came early this year.

Close the Gate ©
July 20, 2016

For this one farmer the worries are over, lie down and rest your head,
Your time has been and struggles enough, put the tractor in the shed. 
Years were not easy, many downright hard, but your faith in God transcended,
Put away your tools and sleep in peace. The fences have all been mended.
You raised a fine family, worked the land well under the hot, summer sun,
Hang up your shovel inside the barn; your work on earth is done.
A faith few possess led your journey thru life, often a jagged and stony way,
The sun is setting, the crops are harvested and here now is the end of your day.
Your love of God's soil has passed on to your kin, the stories flow like good beer,
Wash off your boots in the puddle of rain, for there is nothing more to fear.
You always believed that the good Lord would provide and He always had somehow,
Take off your gloves and put them away, no more sweat and worry for you now.
Your labor is done, your home now is heaven; no more must you wait,
Your legacy lives on, your love of the Land, and yes Dad - we will close the gate ...
Close the Gate © Poem by Nancy Kraayenhof & Adapted by Mark Roy (Read at Funeral)


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